Welcome to the Ramblin Life, a place to experience the adventurous journey down the narrow path of life.  I’m Eric Eaton and I am a blogger, speaker and coach with over 20 years experience in consulting, ministry and leadership development.  I guide people in finding their own path in maneuvering through this modern world in a passionate pursuit of Christ.  I understand through years of ministry, counseling others and my own personal pain the difficult challenges we face every day in trying to tackle the mountain before us with very little energy, motivation or understanding.  The Ramblin’ Life is a place to learn how we truly follow Christ with all our heart, soul, mind and strength through practical steps, intentional living and common dialog.  For the purpose of being constantly transformed into the person you were created to be.

I have spent my adult life trying to reconcile the life giving words I read in the Bible from Christ with what I experience in my daily life.  Through my own personal pain, struggles and suffering in the midst of trying to run as far away from God as possible, I have realized there is no other option.  If I want joy, abundance and truth in my life it will only come through Christ.  The purpose of The Ramblin’ Life is to discover your own path, allowing you to live out the abundant life in Christ by choosing the narrow path Christ talks about in Matthew 7:13-14.  There are many messages delivered everyday about who we should be, what we should wear and how we should live our lives.  Yet none of them provide any lasting satisfaction.  How do we choose to live differently and in the process learn how to live abundantly?

I will publish blogs every Tuesday and podcasts every Thursday, with a few bonus blogs thrown in at various times.  I also have a free eBook explaining more about The Ramblin Life as well as weekly devotions.   If you would like to stay connected and learn more about how to live out the abundant life on the narrow path enter your email address to the right.

Who is Eric Eaton?
Born and raised in Texas, I was very fortunate to meet my wife, Erica, in college and we now have 3 kids; Dylan, Jude and Presley and reside in the mountains of Colorado.  I spent 8 years as a senior pastor and have balanced the rest of my career with consulting for business change and leadership development.

The majority of my adult life I have dealt with chronic pain due to a bad hip.  This pain has fueled me to know God better and understand the meaning of pain in our lives and who God is in our pain.  In the process of melding my passions together I created the Ramblin Life to help me pursue the life Christ has called me to, but also help guide others along this path anyway I can.

I am also a proud board member and always ecstatic to serve with my favorite foundation the Knights of Heroes, you can check us out at Knights of Heroes.