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My wife’s grandfather was an incredible gardener. I will never forget eating one of his tomatoes, I have never tasted anything like it in my life. The flavor and juices bursting out of this vegetable were unlike anything I had ever experienced. Making me wonder what I had calling a tomato all along. I could never duplicate his process. My idea of gardening is putting seeds in the ground and waiting for the harvest to come. For my Erica’s grandfather he would start with the seed in a greenhouse carefully making sure it was growing in the right soil, water, and fertilizer. Then when the time was right he would move the plant to the field where he would continue the delicate process of growing the plant. His harvest was greater than mine, because he was putting the time and patience in to growing something amazing.


Soil Checks
Matthew 13:3-8, 18-23
If we are alive we have planted our lives in some type of soil. The place where we will water for growth. Whether it be for career, family, personal growth, or spiritual benefit. This is the place where we invest our resources for growth. Whether for productivity or distractions the soil we plant our lives will reveal what we think is important in our lives. We also need to be aware that our soil can change if we are not careful. We need to be diligent about routinely checking our soil in order to keep our lives planted in solid

What type of soil is your life firmly planted into? Have you ever taken the time to look around and see whether the soil that you have planted your life in is causing growth or causing destruction? We can limit the growth God does through us limiting ourselves to the soil that our lives are planted in. Spend time today in reflection looking into the soil that your life is planted into and whether or not you are in need of a “transplant”.


Shallow Hearts
Romans 8:35-37
If we are really honest with ourselves the majority of our energy and time are put into shallow pursuits. If we add up the number of hours we spend in front of the TV, on social media, hobbies, or reading. These pursuits may not be bad or detrimental, but are they really adding depths to our lives as we pursue God’s kingdom here on earth? The deeper we plant our lives, the stronger our roots become to withstand the challenges which cross our paths.

Would you consider your life to have any depth spiritually? When the adversity, strife, troubles, and problems of life come your way do they completely uproot you or are they just another speed bump to slowly roll over. If our roots are firmly planted in Jesus Christ then nothing can uproot our lives in him. If life does get us down, then spend time seeking the heart of God to see how your roots can grow deeper today.

Pray today over how you spend your time? It is productive and creating deeper roots or superficial and shallow? What purpose is God placing upon your heart where you need to deepen your roots?


Thorny Hearts
We live in an extremely distracted society. It is more important than ever to create a life plan in order to keep your focus. Otherwise there will be a million different distractions which can pull you in a million different directions. Most of these distractions are nothing more than a pursuit which takes your time away from focusing on what is important. But the more time we spend pursuing our treasures, the less time we are spending strengthening our hearts.

Do you ever feel like the “treasures” of this world are choking your life from growing to your full potential in God? Do the hobbies, the jobs, the desires to please, to get our own way become those idols that we put before God? This type of “Transplant” may require removing certain items, distractions, time consuming activities, and even people that create an unhealthy distraction from God.

Spend time today seeking God’s face in the revelation of those treasures in your life that need to be removed? Then contemplate how you can replace those pursuits by strengthening your soul in spending more time with God.


Produce Fruit
Galatians 5:19-23
What do you “produce” on a weekly basis? Whether it be for work, hobby, time with family or friends. What is coming out of your heart? It is a message of negativity, whoa as me, I never get it right, and talking down to those around you? Or are you a light in a darkened world? Speaking truth with kindness along with a gentle spirit which draws others to your words, life, and eventually Christ?

If you are having a difficult time discovering what type of soil your planted in, then spend some time finding out what type of fruit you are producing. Is the fruit of your life discord, jealousy, fits of anger, impurity, addiction, hatred, envy? Or is the fruit of your life love, joy, peace, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control? If we are firmly planted in Christ then our fruit will not change regardless of our circumstances.

Spend time today looking at the fruit of your life and where it comes from, then begin to understand where you are planted and the fruit that is being produced from this place.


Leave The Growing to God
Jesus took twelve men and invested every bit of himself into those twelve men. While they always didn’t understand what Jesus was doing or saying while Christ was on earth. When he left the earth, Jesus left eleven men who were completely sold out and powerful in transforming the culture for Christ. In today’s church we tend to fly to solo, never seeking out true discipleship or mentorship to grow our own lives in Christ. If this was the method Jesus used to grow his own disciples, how much more should we be seeking this out in our own lives?

Do you get frustrated by your own growth or lack there of, of the growth of others? Do you feel like you are responsible for that growth? In our own lives we are responsible for getting into good soil, watering, fertilizing (i.e. reading the Bible, praying, moving toward God). But our spiritual growth will come from God and God alone. How can you let go and let God rule your life today?

Spend time today creating a plan that gravitates toward growth. Will you read your Bible more, if so what will your read and why? Do you need to pray more, if so when will this happen and for what purpose. Be specific and create a plan which moves you toward richer soil.