The Great Gift of Expectancy in Christmas


Do you remember when you were a child how Christmas was exciting and magical? How you spent the weeks leading up to Christmas day imagining, wondering, and guessing over the gifts which were under the tree. With great expectancy you wake up on Christmas day and run to the presents and tear open your gifts […]

Crying Out Like a Rock

Rock climbing is one of my favorite activities. There is a huge sense of accomplishment about being able to conquer a wall. To overcome the challenge of the rock and pushing yourself further than you ever thought possible. I also enjoy showing young people how to climb. There is really no way to explain the […]

The Slow Creep of Darkness

5 Ways to avoid darkness creeping into your life


The funny thing about natural darkness is it never comes on quickly. You probably remember a time sitting outside with good friends talking and having fun. Before you knew it the sky was black and all light was gone. But it was not a sudden change only our perception of the transformation. The same holds […]

Pay it Forward to Live Intentionally

Pay it forward

“Do to others as you would have them do to you.” Luke 6:31 This seems like a nice passage. It can even make you feel warm and fuzzy. I do not know of anyone who has adamantly disagreed with this message. But it is probably the most difficult passage in the Bible (beside the “be […]

Understanding the Need To Play Our Position


In a recent soccer game my daughter was asked to play a different position. For the past few seasons she had been playing goalkeeper, but this being a new team could not make the assumption she would be the starting goalkeeper for her team. When the game started she was still on the bench, but […]

Running the Race


I will start this blog out by saying I am not a runner. Never really was, but ever since my hip surgery definitely an activity I do not participate. There is a rule around our house, if you see daddy running, you better start running. He is being chased. Olympic Glory But I do have […]

Overcoming Resistance to Stay on Track


Steven Pressman wrote a great book called “The War of Art” in which he goes into detail about overcoming resistance in order to let our passion create great art. Pressman says resistance can manifest itself in many different avenues to keep you from your goal; procrastination, Internet surfing, self defamation, alcohol, drugs, sex, etc… Resistance […]

Often Withdrew


In a constant search for the latest trend to move our lives into a deeper existence or appear more spiritual, it seems we will try anything except what matters most. There are two words that truly define the life that Christ lived on this earth. We find these words in Luke 5:16 ‘But Jesus often […]

Understanding What it Means to Be Bold!


In our Knights of Heroes summer camp for boys and girls you have lost their fathers in military service to our country, we teach several traits in order to build character. One of the traits we teach is to be bold. We want to teach them if they are going to stand above the crowd, […]

Four Ways to Turn Interruptions into Opportunities


I am not a big fan of interruptions. In living a life of pain the only way I can effectively make it through some days is having a set agenda and executing against it. If anything falls outside my set schedule it can become very irritating. But no matter how stringent I try to hold […]