Overcoming Resistance to Stay on Track

Steven Pressman wrote a great book called “The War of Art” in which he goes into detail about overcoming resistance in order to let our passion create great art. Pressman says resistance can manifest itself in many different avenues to keep you from your goal; procrastination, Internet surfing, self defamation, alcohol, drugs, sex, etc… Resistance is basically any vice, object, or idea keeping us from pursuing our art. Which can be anything from a book, music, art, or any creative idea coming our way. If we put our minds to it I believe we can all come up with a passion that we have shelved or put aside because we have let fear overcome us and resistance has won the day.


Resistance in our Walk

This resistance is very palpable when it comes to moving closer in our walk with Christ. We can come up with a thousand different reasons not to pray or read our Bible. I’m too busy, my favorite show is on, I’m too tired, I need to catch up on Facebook, my kids have a game, I need to clean the house, or fix the car. There are even those church excuses we categorize as legitimate; I have to serve at church, I already served at church, I’m too busy with church work. Whatever the excuse, what ever the reason, whether it is legitimate or not, only serves to keep us farther from our passion, which is Christ.

If our lives are going to be truly and radically changed through walking down the narrow path and choosing to walk with Christ in all we say or do, then you have to believe the Devil will try to do anything to keep us from staying on the path. Resistance will come and it will come in many forms. What we have to realize and bring to life is how this will manifest in our lives and call it out. Most of the time it will be an attack on our identity, which will manifest itself in having to prove ourselves through an activity. We have to to keep up on Facebook to stay liked. We have to workout so others see us as fit. We have to work late in order to prove we do have what it takes.

Reality of Resistance

In reality do we really need to watch TV, surf the internet, troll social media, attend another kids game, or even attend another church event if it is going to keep us from staying or going deeper on the narrow path. This is not a one time decision, this is a daily decision we have to make in order to keep resistance at bay. If we don’t keep resistance at bay then our passion to pursue Christ will always meet some force that will keep us off the narrow path. Proverbs tells us to “Guard your heart” (Proverbs 4:23) and Jesus tells us to “take up their cross daily” (Luke 9:23). This is a daily battle we must enter into every day and fight the resistance which will always be in our path in our pursuit of Christ.


Your challenge this week is to identify the resistance you face and how you will handle it in pursuing Christ. What resistance is keeping you from a passionate pursuit in Christ? What excuse are you making for not pursuing the narrow path? How can you address your resistance or fear head on?