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Like most people, you are hard working, dedicated and committed to your life, your family and to Christ.  But too often you cannot find the time or energy for those things you find important.  The Ramblin’ Life is not some secret ingredient.  It is simply a place to learn how to be more intentional with our lives in our commitment to Christ.  If we can center our lives on Christ keep our focus on the narrow path, the rest of our lives will begin to fall in place.


The mission of the Ramblin Life is to transform lives by guiding people along the narrow path in Christ.


  1. Create an abundant and adventurous life through an intentional walk with Christ
  2. Correct our course to the narrow path through an intentional apprenticeship
  3. Commit to the narrow path by growing with one another through accountability
  4. Commune with others in a spiritual and creative community where we can grow together
  5. Coach people to a more meaningful life through practical approaches to life

Why I Write This Blog?

I am writing this blog in order to provide a positive place to learn more about what it truly means to follow Christ with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.  A place to understand we are given an abundant life in Christ (John 10:10) even when our circumstances may not be meeting our expectations.  My hope is through the words read or spoken on this site you will be able to find a community and the resources necessary to live out the abundantly adventurous life we are called to on the narrow path.