Understanding the Need To Play Our Position

In a recent soccer game my daughter was asked to play a different position. For the past few seasons she had been playing goalkeeper, but this being a new team could not make the assumption she would be the starting goalkeeper for her team. When the game started she was still on the bench, but eventually during the first half she was put into the game as a wing. I have to say as a father I was a little disappointed. She did not attack the ball, she let the other players get around her and all in all was not a very stellar performance.


But then for the second half she was placed back in the goal and an entirely different person game out on the field. She was rushing the ball, blocking direct kicks, diving after balls coming directly at her, and disrupting any play coming near her. It was one of the more dramatic Jekyll and Hyde experiences I think I have ever seen. When I asked her about the disparity in her playing, her response was simply she was more comfortable playing back in the goal.

Being Comfortable

Why wouldn’t she be, we have spent hours out at the soccer fields practicing her catches, her kicks, her falling on the ball, and her older brother taking advantage of the situation to kick balls as hard as possible to her. To her credit, she would even stop his attacks, which were pretty impressive. The point was, she was playing her position when she was in goal. That was the position she had trained for, had prepared for, and in her head was the position she was best fit to be playing.

Knowing Our Position

This phenomenon is very reminiscent of Paul’s words to the church at Corinth when talking about the need to understand our particular part of the body. He states “Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ” (1 Cor 12:12 NIV) We are all created with a very special purpose. A purpose God could have completed on his own. But instead, opted to include us in his amazing plan and draw us up into his adventure. We are called to work with our body part, we have to work within our position of gifting, training and expertise.

Playing Within Our Position

Much like my daughter, when we are not playing within our position we can seem out of place, aimless and misguided. But when we are playing within our position, within the part of the body we were created it is natural, comfortable and clicks. This is God’s plan for our lives and we stooped down to include us into his amazing plan. We just need to begin playing the right part.

If we are going to live out this Ramblin’ Life in an effective manner, then we need to be able to play the right position. We need to be able to take an honest look at our lives and discover not only what we were created for but how we should be working with the rest of the body. This part God has left to us to discover and it is up to us to find our place on the field.


Do you feel like you are playing the wrong positions on the fields? Have you taken the time to discover your gifts and what part you play in the greater body? When you think about what position you should be playing what comes to mind? You are God’s instrument created for His purpose, it is vitally important we understand what position we should be playing to live out an effective life on the narrow path. What is stopping you from playing your position?